Skin Avatar

(A 60-min wellness treat worth $180 excl. GST)

Skin Avatar gives a new beginning to your skin. A revolutionary skin indulgence that restores its luminosity and integrity by rebuilding the skin matrix and glow on your skin. Skin Avatar is not a facial or a massage.

Avatar Lymph Trx

(A 60-min wellness treat worth $280 excl. GST)

Indulge in our wellness body therapy that relaxes and rejuvenates your mind and body with advanced space age technology. Synergized with age-old lymphatic drainage massage, it aids in eliminations of toxins, resulting in healthy body and skin.

Avatar Complete

(A 60-min wellness treat worth $280 excl. GST)

Bring your wellness into balance with the marriage of tradition and technology. The fusion promises to knead away your pains and relax your tensed muscles.

Turkish Sensorial Delight

(A 60-min body therapy worth $280 excl. GST)

Delight in the spa-like Turkish Sensorial Delight Body Therapy (using ostrich feathers).

Purification of our tensed congested bodies occurs with the use of essential oils, deep sea salt and feathers together with light rhythmic manual lymphatic massage.

Mandi Lulur Detox

(A 90-min wellness treat worth $280 excl. GST) – For Ladies only

An authentic tropical whitening body spa with lavish spices of traditional javanese skin-exfoliation scrub, herbal stroke-therapy deep healing massage and luxurious skin purifying yoghurt polish with dermal moisturizing essence. Includes also dermal revitalization with thermal wrap.

Guarana Detox

(A 60-min wellness treat worth $280.00 excl. GST) – For Ladies only

A luxurious body moisturizing therapy. Enjoy a full body detoxifying guarana scrub and luxuriate yourself in a generous layer of whitening goat’s milk. Be enveloped in a healing thermal blanket and treated to a nurturing wipe-down.

Therm O’Draine

(A 45-min wellness treat worth $180 excl. GST)

Experience our signature body therapy that will leave you totally warm, refreshed and rejuvenated. It is a perfect way to relieve tension and pain for wellness benefits. Even better than a massage.

Avatar Wellness Complete

(A 60-min wellness treat worth $280 excl. GST)

Experience gentle yet relaxing drainage massage combined with pain-relieving technology that targets aches and releases tension. A great combination of human touch and space technology that leaves your body in total balance.

Pain Relief Therapy

(A 30-min therapy worth $180 excl. GST)

InterX is a comfortable, non-invasion, interaction Neuro-stimulation treatment for acute and chronic pains. It is FDA-approved & clinically proven.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

(A 30-min wellness therapy worth $180 excl. GST)

This Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage will gently ease the tension within your body as it reduces congestion and promotes healing. Here’s to a foundation for good health!

Diamante Seduccion

(A 60-min wellness treat worth $280 excl. GST)

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love, beauty and procreation is endowed with the ultimate quality of being utterly feminine. That quality that makes a woman attractive and beauteous is what our new signature Diamante Seduccion seeks to achieve. Indulge in Diamante Seduccion and fall in love with yourself again.

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