Do Something Good Everyday!

Atosians take pride in their emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and collaborates with various non-profit organisations to help those less fortunate amongst us. Mr Aanandha Sharurajah was inspired by his late father who had the determination and perseverance to run his own business as a roads electrical contractor.

“I am in business because I want to give back to society”

Mr Aanandha Sharurajah


Xin Yuan Community Care

Atos Wellness developed a close-knit relationship with Xin Yuan Community Care, a local non-profit organisation that cares for needy children, youth and the elderly providing basic healthcare, education, social and financial support. The company has full sponsored Bioresonance and Detox equipment which are used to improve holistic health for those seeking treatment at the centre.


CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent (Aug 2007 to 2014)

Atos Wellness lounge at CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent is a product of the collaboration between Atos Wellness and CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent in Singapore. Its was the first school to pioneer a holistic approach towards wellness, using state-of-the-art indirect calorimetry and Bio- Resonance Systems to keep students at a healthy weight. This collaboration was mooted to educate, empower and prepare young female students to take responsibility for their lifestyle.

Atos Wellness - dsc

Baan Unrak Orphanage

Beside its local CSR efforts, Atos Wellness is also committed to helping around the region, having previously helped construct an orphanage along the Thai-Myanmar border for needy children.

Baan Unrak, translated from Thai as “House of Joy”, is a children’s home and community development project in Sangkhlaburi,Thailand.


Ananda Marga Yoga Society

Atos Wellness have been supportive towards the Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore movements, a global network of centres in virtually every country of the world. Its activities encompass wide range of projects for the welfare of humanity, animals, plants and the whole planet. These include yoga and meditation centres, schools, children’s homes, food distribution centres, disaster relief, medical centres and community development projects. Emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of the local people and assisting them in developing their personal and social resources for prosperity of all.