Shiatsu, “finger-pressure” in Japanese, is designed as a non-invasive therapy that helps reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression by releasing tension in the body and increasing blood flow, leaving you relaxed and calm.

Avatar Derma TRX

A new revolutionary facial using space-age technology created for the Russian cosmonauts to retain their youth and wellness in space. It reduces age lines, firms sagging skin and improves skin tone effectively. Enjoy a truly holistic wellness facial that not only leaves your face looking fresh and dazzling, but also revitalizes and energizes your body and total well-being.

Flexi Luxe Facial

Recapture a more youthful look with Atos Luxe Facial. Using 99.9 colloidal gold flakes on the skin, it speeds up cellular processes. This aids in tissue repairs and lightens pigmentation. Treatment comes complete with a mask with 70 LED lights that boost radiance and luminosity. You’ll achieve immediate firmness and radiance.

Atos Beauty Radio Frequency

Leave lackluster skin behind and embark on a journey to immaculate horizons. Alissi Bronte exclusive formulation is based on natural aromatic essences, botanical extracts and hot springs with an exceptional concentration. Experience an unsurpassed skin’s luminosity that glows from within.

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