Aroma Facial

(A 60-min wellness treat worth $180 excl. GST)

Experience how premium grade essential oils coupled with manual lymphatic massage techniques can improve your face’s complexion. With a customized parathermal mask, restore your skin’s radiance and let it glow with confidence.

Aroma Pearl Anew Facial

Pamper yourself with this therapeutic face therapy that combines the pure essence of premium grade essential oils and pearl powder. Truly nourishing and clarifying. Experience fair, refine and radiant skin now!

Bronte Facial

(A 60-min face therapy worth $180 excl. GST)

Leave the lackluster skin behind and embark on a journey to immaculate horizons. Alissi Bronte exclusive formulation is based on natural aromatic essences, botanical extracts, and hot springs with an exceptional concentration. Experience an unsurpassed skin’s luminosity that glow from within.

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