The Biograph measures and assesses disturbance in the energy flow.  It is quick and painless.  The test results show the existence of any acute energy deficiencies.


Calorie FIT is an estimation of the number of calories that you expend per day. In addition it is the total caloric expenditure and intake necessary for energy balance and to meet appropriate weight loss goals. The number of calories that you expend per day equals your resting caloric expenditure (RMR) plus your Physical Activity Caloric Expenditure.


The Teorica Body Composition Analysis is a diagnostic test designed to accurately measure the stress level, total body water, basal metabolism, lean and fat mass and cellular functions to enable long term health and weight management.

Qi Master

The Qi Master is a revolutionary new acupuncture device for stimulating acupuncture points by means of a special infrared diode.  This unique system for diagnosis and treatment is based on traditional principles of the Akabane test (traditional Japanese acupuncture).