Shinju – Aqua Pearl Treatment Powder

     Shinju – Aqua Pearl Treatment Powder is a new achievement of advanced formulation technology, which literally has a “miraculous” effect on the skin. It is high concentrated in pure Vitamin C and Pearl Powder for ageless beautiful skin. When you apply SHINJU POWDER ONTO THE SKIN, it immediately changes powder to whitening essence with fresh feeling.

    Do you know pearls help in ageless beautiful skin?

     The miracle benefits of pearl powder have been discovered since ancient time with a long history of 3000 years of being used by women from all over the world for radiant, youthful beautiful skin. Till today, it is the beauty secret of many trusted users from all over the world. Pearl powder consists of a number of amino acid and several minerals, is well known for its effect of enhancing skin metabolism, keeping skin hydrated and supple, illuminates and corrects uneven skin tone.

    With the support of Nano-Aqua technology, this unique powder will only turn into liquid when it comes in contact with our body temperature, which enhances deep penetration into the skin and prevents any oxidation process of Pure Vitamin C. This unique powder can also be used around eyes area.



    • Sodium L-Ascorbyl Phosphate
    • 1,3-Butylene Glycol
    • Glycerin,
    • Trimethylglycine
    • Sodium-di-2-Pyrrolidone -5-Carboxylate,
    • Aloe Vera Extract-1
    • Silica, Sodium Methyl
    • p-Hydroxybenzoate
    • Aqua