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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

(A 75-min Spa therapy worth $280)

Delight in our Hot Stone MLD Body Therapy (includes hot stone), a spa-like wellness therapies that will leave your body light, cleansed and energized. Purification of our tensed congested bodies occurs together with light rhythmic manual lymphatic massage.

Boreh Treatment

It is a fragrant mix of ginger, star anise galangal, kunyit, Javanese ginger and pale turmeric mixed with water to create a paste which is applied to skin as a body wrap. The spices work to warm and detoxify the skin and increase blood circulation. A traditional massage follows after a rinse off. The massage techniques will help release tension, loosen stiff joints while also relieving headache and rheumatism.

Herbal Fusion

Herbal Fusion

A Swedish massage with Thai Herbal Compress (contains fresh Thai herbs), enormous antiseptic properties. While soothing tensed muscles, it also aids in removing body wind and reduces water retention. A perfect solution for pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Deep Sea Spa Divine

Deep Sea Spa Divine

(A 60-min wellness treat worth $280 excl. GST)

A wellness spa treat that involves being cocooned in a warm wrap of mineralized sea clay from the Dead Sea followed by a detoxifying firm, yet gentle rhythmic lymphatic drainage massage.

Mandi Lulur Detox

Mandi Lulur

(A 90-min wellness treat worth $280 excl. GST) – For Ladies only

An authentic tropical whitening body spa with lavish spices of traditional javanese skin-exfoliation scrub, herbal stroke-therapy deep healing massage and luxurious skin purifying yoghurt polish with dermal moisturizing essence. Includes also dermal revitalization with thermal wrap.

Turkish Spa Delight

Turkish Spa Delight

(A 60-min body therapy worth $280 excl. GST)

Delight in the spa-like Turkish Sensorial Delight Body Therapy (using ostrich feathers).

Purification of our tensed congested bodies occurs with the use of essential oils, deep sea salt and feathers together with light rhythmic manual lymphatic massage.

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