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Wellness Tips

As our bodies grow older, the optimal state of our well-being changes and starts to decline. Our bodies become more acidic over time, due to consumption of unhealthy food and our busy lifestyles, and this manifests in constant aches and pains, low energy levels, poor weight maintenance and more. While we want to achieve the […]

Alissi Bronte Awarded for Scientific Cosmetic Treatments in Hong Kong

During September month, the most international and prestigious brands of cosmetics, Alissi Bronte and Thalissi, presented in Hong Kong the innovating and exclusive treatment Immune Cosmetics System. At the end of this event, the prestigious international magazine “Jessica” gave the annual prizes to the most prestigious brands in Asia. Alissi Bronte was awarded for its […]

Cryptomonadales, Liver & Kidney Disorders

Most people are under the impression that only doctors and medicines can cure all types of disease. In fact this is a wrong impression. The real cure and prevention of disease comes in the form of the natural inborn protection and immunity. Of course doctors can cure diseases through operation and medicine. When the disease […]

PPARs and Their Emerging Role in Vascular Biology, Inflammation, and Atherosclerosis – Springer

Abstract For many years, advances in understanding steroid hormone action typically proceeded through sequential stages that involved first identifying the role of a putative hormone, then isolating it, often from large quantities of body fluid, and ultimately identifying the nuclear receptor through which the cellular effects were being achieved (1). More recently, this stepwise progression […]